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Mills Reef Winery was established in 1989 by the Preston family. Through commitment and dedication to excellence, the Mills Reef brand has established itself as one of New Zealand's premium labels with a particular reputation for outstanding Bordeaux varietal reds and Syrah.

Following 25 years on its landmark Tauranga site, the winery was moved in December 2019 and is now located on State Highway 2 just south of Katikati. The new complex is nestled in a rural setting and boasts full winemaking, bottling and warehousing facilities, an underground barrel cellar and spacious wine tasting area.


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Reserve Pinot Gris
Hawkes Bay 2020

93 POINTS - Cameron Douglas
4½ STARS - The Wine Writer 

Estate Merlot Cabernet
Hawke's Bay 2020


Reserve Rosé
Hawkes Bay 2020







Mills Reef Wines are produced from superior grapes grown in the Hawkes Bay region, they are hand crafted by our winemaking team in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, employing 100% sustainable practices throughout the winemaking process, from vine to glass.Our wines are produced under three ranges, each with their own winemaking philosophy and stylistic bent...


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MIlls Reef announces move to new winery site

Mills Reef Winery is pleased to announce that its winery’s operations are to be relocated from their current Bethlehem site in Tauranga, to the Leveret Estate, formerly Morton Estate, sited on State Highway 2 about five kilometres south of Katikati. Says Mills Reef director Tim Preston, “we explored many site options, but the opportunity to team up with Leveret and create a Bay Of Plenty ‘wine destination hub’ certainly stood out as the preferred option”. The Mills Reef brand will continue to source its grapes from the Hawkes Bay region, with the winemaking from 2020 season onward being completed at the Katikati site. “We have a lot of loyal followers here in Tauranga, so it’s great to be able to stay in the Bay Of Plenty. The move will also give us access to some new vineyards and we look forward to exploring those options”, says Tim. The current Mills Reef winery restaurant will remain open in Bethlehem until Saturday December 14th and the tasting room until Sunday December 22nd. Thereafter the tasting room will be moved to the new Katikati site where wine lovers will be able to continue discovering and enjoying the Mills Reef wines on offer. The present Bethlehem site is already in the initial stages of redevelopment into a lifestyle retirement village. The landmark art-deco winery building will be retained and extended to eventually become a communal centre for the village. Says Tim “it’s great that the winery’s history on this site is being preserved through retention of the building, whilst naming of the village and its streets also pays homage to that history”. Tim further acknowledges that over the 25 years Mills Reef has been on its Bethlehem site, there have been many special occasions including weddings and celebrations. He says “it’s great that the main building will remain to retain those memories.” As for the winery’s new Katikati location, Tim says “we look forward to partnering with Leveret Estate to offer wine lovers a new and exciting wine destination experience for the Bay”. Likewise, Director of Leveret Estate Wines, Fiona MacDiarmid, says “we’ve had a long association with Mills Reef, and this move to begin sharing our winemaking facilities and cellar door is an exciting development.” For further information and imagery, contact: Nick AleksichGeneral ManagerMills Reef WineryEmail: +64-7-576-8800Fiona Mac DiarmidDirector of Sales & MarketingLeveret Estate WinesEmail: 27 Nov '19

Mills Reef announces launch of its prestige icon wine range

Mills Reef Winery is very excited to announce the inaugural release of its icon wine range, comprising two very special limited edition wines. In family tradition, the icon range is named in honour of ‘Arthur Edmund’, husband to ‘Elspeth’ whose name has long-adorned and signified Mills Reef’s ultra-premium range of wines. Mills Reef co-founder and Chief Winemaker, Tim Preston, says ”Arthur Edmund, my grandfather, was a pioneer and visionary, that same spirit is likewise echoed in these special wines, hence we felt it was a fitting tribute to name them in his honour, and to accompany the fine wines named in honour of his wife and my grandmother, Elspeth". Of the Arthur Edmund wines, Tim says "they are the culmination of an idea and journey that’s been decades in the planning, and represent the absolute pinnacle of our grape growing and winemaking, our Mount Everest of wine”. The two inaugural prestige wines are a 2013 Cabernet Merlot blend, and a 2013 Syrah, grown in the acclaimed Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District of Hawkes Bay. Early-on the arid stony soils and warm climate of this District proved to yield extremely fine wines of world-class stature. So much so, that internationally renowned wine critic James Halliday declared in 2008 that "the 800ha Gimblett Gravels is not just a very special parcel, it is a sacred site”. "Capturing the ultimate expression of this very special place in our Arthur Edmund wines was a natural progression”, says Tim. Following planting of the Mills Reef vineyards in the 1990s, a patient wait ensued until the vines had attained sufficient age to yield grapes possessing the immense intensity and perfect balance sought for the prestige wines of Arthur Edmund. A stringent criteria was adopted, selecting only the oldest vines, in the very best rows on the best soils, pruned to extremely low yields of only 3-4 bunches of grapes per vine. And a final uncontrollable factor, the cooperation of mother-nature to deliver a growing season of climatic perfection. That season arrived to the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District in 2013, yielding what has since been widely heralded as ‘the vintage of a lifetime’. After hand-picking of the grapes, the next stages entailed what is best described as ‘minimal-intervention winemaking’ and a fine sensitivity to nurturing wines with unique excitement and a distinct sense of place. Says Tim "the winemaking was purposely very hands-off, with minimal disturbance, allowing the wines to fully express their vineyard site and the growing season, to obtain the purest expression possible”. Fermentation took place in open-top fermenters with gentle hand-plunging, followed by a post-ferment maceration until tannin development and integration were at their optimum. The wine was then aged in 100% new quality oak barrels (100% French for the Cabernet Merlot, 50% French and 50% American for the Syrah) with 20 months of élevage and just one racking throughout. A rigorous barrel selection was then undertaken before composing the final wines, which were again rested in barrel to gravity-settle over an extended period before bottling in an unfiltered state. But their journey in the winery wasn’t yet complete, to be finally held in the underground cellar in climate-controlled conditions for a further 3½ years to commence bottle ageing and attainment of ever-greater complexity. Now, five years on from vintage, the first library tranche of Arthur Edmund wines are ready for release. As to the timing, Tim says "ageing of wines is a series of rhythmic ‘awake and sleep’ cycles, and from our 30 years of experience we’ve noted those cycles tend toward 8 yearly for Gimblett Gravels red wines, hence this first release is timed to coincide with their rise from slumber and ascent toward the first apogee predicted for 2021.” He further adds "the time is therefore right for wine lovers to acquire and experience these wines as they make their first ascent, or to further age in private cellars for future discovery and enjoyment”. Befitting such prestige wines and their rare and collectable nature, only a very limited edition is available, each bottle is wax-dipped and individually numbered, accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, and presented in a boxed collectors set. The philosophy of these prestige wines from vineyard to bottle follows firmly in the great French concept and tradition of ‘terroir’. Hence as each wine label attests, "these wines are the ultimate handcrafted expression of Mills Reef, reflecting great people, heritage, and vineyard site, gently harnessed to reveal in every bottle”. The Arthur Edmund wines will be available from the winery and selected fine wine stores nationwide, while stocks last. RRP $350 per bottle.   Arthur Edmund Cabernet Merlot 2013 Arthur Edmund Syrah 2013 08 Aug '18

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