Terms and Conditions

Booking And Cancellation Policies

Mills Reef advises that wedding venue bookings will be regarded as tentative until a deposit is received.
In order to safeguard both you (the client) and Mills Reef, once a tentative booking is made, a deposit equalling the full wedding venue hire is required within 21 days to secure your requested date otherwise your tentative booking will be automatically released after the 21 days.
On confirming your booking with a deposit, you will be provided with our Wedding Guide and booking sheet.

As Mills Reef Winery is a highly sought after wedding venue in Tauranga, confirmed bookings which are cancelled will be subject to a cancellation fee as follows:

Saturday bookings cancellation fee

Cancellation 0‐12 months out from date ・ 100% of deposit is non‐refundable.
Cancellation 13‐24 months out from date ・ 50% of deposit is non‐refundable.

For bookings on any other day of the week

Cancellation 0‐6 months out from date ・ 100% of deposit non‐refundable.
Cancellation 7‐12 months out from date ・ 50% of the deposit is non‐refundable.

Guest Numbers

An approximate number of wedding guests should be advised at the time of booking. The confirmed numbers must be advised by 9am two complete working days prior to the wedding date.

Accounts will be charged on the greater of confirmed numbers or actual number of wedding guests in attendance.

Minimum guest numbers

Due to the popularity of Mills Reef Winery as a wedding venue in Tauranga, December to February bookings for Saturday weddings will only be accepted for 100 people or more.

November, March and April, a minimum of 80 persons applies to Saturday weddings.

To have your celebration in the Barrel Room there is a 100 wedding guest minimum year round.

Once your deposit is paid, you are committed to pay for the number of guests attending the wedding dinner. Wedding bookings for smaller groups will be accepted on any other day of the week or outside the November to April period.

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