Reserve Merlot Malbec 2013

From the vintage of a lifetime... Accolades to date

  • TROPHY/GOLD- Bragato Wine awards 2014- Champion Classical Red Wine
  • TROPHY/GOLD- Hawkes Bay Wine awards 2014- Red blends- Merlot dominant
  • TROPHY- Hawkes Bay Wine awards 2014- Champion export wine of the show

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Below is Tim Preston- Chief Winemaker giving his view on this amazing wine. (as featured in the weekend sun- Nov 14)

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing in the sun sipping on a silky smooth glass of red.Picture a lasting palate of mouth-filling black currant and raspberry flavours. The taste is award-worthy.From the very beginning Mills Reef winemakers knew their 2013 Merlot Malbec would be award winning - and it is. The fruitful red wine is the winner of three prestigious awards, making the tasty blend a "vintage of a lifetime". Winning the Tom McDonald Memorial Award for Champions Red at the Bragato show in August, and the Champion Red Blend and Champion Export Wine at the Hawke's Bay Bayleys Wine Awards in October, the Merlot Malbec is a must try.They say a fine wine gets better with age - and winemaker Tim Preston says that's exactly what the Merlot Malbec is. "We knew straight from harvest that it was going to be a fantastic vintage; and as the wine making goes on it becomes more obvious of what a fantastic vintage it is."It's certainly a vintage of a lifetime for me. You make these statements before the wine's even in bottle. It's fantastic that it has lived up to what we believe it is."Tim says the key to taste is the age of the Hawke's Bay vines that are now 20 years old, adding to the depth and character of the wine."The texture, flavour and tannin of the Merlot Malbec is unbelievable -a must try."Wine enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the Moffat Rd winery for free tastings.

By: Zoe Hunter

Posted by Marketing on 21 Nov 2014

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